Runity: Slow Burn, Slow Freeze

IMG_0455What is there to do when it’s veerrryyyy cold outside?  Why, you can go running, of course.

As usual, the cats said, Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! 

Oh, cats! I appreciate their lack of sentiment. It is far easier to stay inside with all your mousies and loll on sunlit stairs.

But this week, I worked from home and binge-watched docudramas on Netflix. When I ventured out for meetings on Friday, I returned with $100 of sushi, most of which I ate. My mind and stomach had an excellent week, but my legs and heart and brain needed brisk thoughts and bracing air.

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Runity: Sunshine and Failure, Linked


Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!

The cats and I could not get enough! But while they stayed inside and stalked chickadee-dee-dee-dees, I basked in the glow—it was glowing! see below!— of a real feel of 24 degrees F.

I wore my superhero shoes again and they felt wonderful. Dressing for running in the 20s is tricky, especially if you plan to walk, then run. Walking, you’re just a bit freezing; running, you burn up.

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