One Year In: Writing The Novel


Archival research for my slow-growing novel.

For the Ploughshares Blog, I interviewed ten novelists about the long stretch– a year or more– it often takes to write a novel.

Novelists, You’re Doing it Right— the least you need to know from my interview series with the fantastic writers listed below.

One Year In: Writing the Novel— with my own struggles, plus advice from Andrew Ladd, Rebecca Land Soodak, Leah Stewart, and Cristina Henriquez.

One Year In—Writing the Novel: An interview with Celeste Ngauthor of Everything I Never Told You.

 One Year In- Writing the Novel: An interview with Julia Fierro, author of Cutting Teeth.

One Year In-Writing the Novel: An Interview with Benjamin Percy, author of The Wilding and Red Moon and two story collections.

 One Year In—Writing the Novel: An Interview with Rebecca Makkai, author of The BorrowerThe Hundred-Year House, and the story collection Music for Wartime.

One Year In—Writing The Novel: An interview with Dean Bakopoulos, author of Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon, My American Unhappiness, and Summerlong, forthcoming in 2015.

One Year In—Writing the Novel: An interview with Allison Lynn, author of Now You See It and The Exiles.