496 Words on Writing Flash Prose. (Or, Nimbility: Shouldn’t that be a word?)

“Walking this tightrope of tension—evoking emotional shifts, revealing information—requires a writer’s nimbleness, agility. Nimbility. (Shouldn’t that be a word?)”— from my 496-word Ploughshares blog post on writing, reading, submitting, and working with flash prose, even if you’re trying to write a novel.

Scissors? Redaction pens? Hoops and torches? Behold, the WORKSHOP OF FIRE!!!! Today @pshares.

BobBouty6This semester, I’m trying to build a better post-graduate writer– one who can jump through hoops, use daring and discipline, and set words on fire. Can we instill in students (and ourselves) the ability to leap without a ringmaster? Come share your ideas  at my WORKSHOP OF FIRE!!!! post– today at the Ploughshares Blog.