Collected Wisdom

Why a page on “Collected Wisdom”? Because so many great pieces of advice about writing, revising, and creativity twit and tweet about, then float away. Here, I try to tie down those balloon strings. Hope it’s helpful to you, too.

On Writing Your First Book

Insights from 21 (!!) writers like Junot Diaz, Meg Wolitzer, George Saunders, and Dean Koontz  about the anxieties and triumphs of the process.

Why do people write novels? Becky Tuch inquires.

On Flash Fiction—Writing, Publications, and Publishing

Check out Michael Alexander Chaney’s terrific blog.

Could the internet save the short story? S. Hope Mills thinks so.

On Typography

The Ten Commandments of Typography: An Infographic

On The MFA in Creative Writing

Cathy Day’s extraordinarily helpful compendium of links.

On Writing Poetry 

Illustrator and poet Ali Shapiro asks and answers, “Should I Write a Sonnet?”

On Writing Novels

Benjamin Percy (interviewed here for Ploughshares) discusses how to build tension in novels by tossing “flaming chainsaws”

On Revision

Lincoln Michel, at Electric Lit, challenges the notion of “draft-first, revise-later”— or puke-it-out-then-polish-polish-polish.

How do you go about revising a story?  A.J. Kandathil turns to Sherlock Holmes for clues.

On Rejection

Editors of PANK, McSweeney’s, The Paris Review, and other awesome journals discuss tiers (and tears) of rejection.

Missouri Review’s Michael Nye elaborates on his responses.

On Writing Careers

What’s it like to write for money all day? Nicole Dieker is a “hack writer who writes 5000/day for $20/hr.”

On Writing Retreats and Conferences

Tayari Jones has some thoughts about her experiences.